In mid-October, I headed to Chicago for the annual Media Ambassador training for Dairy Management Inc. or better known as the National Dairy Council. Generally when one travels for business, you would think there would not be much to blog about that would interest the avid foodie and or lay blog reader. However, I did feel compelled to write about our progressive dinner night as there were two outstanding experiences that I felt needed to be shared.
After a long day of training on social media and on-camera media skills, which any of you who have done media know can be pretty grueling, we headed out for some much needed refreshment, reconnecting and rehashing of our day. We started the journey at the Purple Pig. Located on The Magnificent Mile, Purple Pig is a collaboration featuring housemade charcuterie, cheeses and classic
Mediterranean fare plus an extensive yet accessible wine list. A quaint spot that features “Cheese, Swine and Wine”, we chose some uniquely presented tapas type appetizers that featured specialty cheeses and a variety of the pork with crusty breads and crackers. This was a fun and fantastic experience that is a must do if you are in downtown Chicago. For our main course, we ventured down to the Rosebud Steakhouse. The Rosebud Steakhouse on Walton Street just off Michigan Avenue has often been called a hidden gem which I found to be very true. They offer ample portions of savory dishes with nightly specialties that are reasonably priced. I had the meatloaf that was more delectable than anything your mother ever made with garlic potatoes and wedge salad. The Pumpkin Cheesecake being featured for the fall is yummy and decadent.
We don’t get to stay in downtown Chicago or have these experiences often, but I thought these tidbits from my experience would be appealing to the foodies or just visitors to The Magical Mile who are looking for a unique yet, promising dining experience.


Q: After I exercise, I always seem to dryheave. It seems to be calming down but often I will vomit green liquids after exercise after dryheaving several times. This has really frightened me and was wondering if you have any idea of the cause? One thing I know I need to do is drink more water.

A: As you mentioned, you may be dehydrated in general and particularly after exercise. The green liquid may be gastric juices however, could be more serious. If this has been going on for some time, I am surprised you have not seen a physician.

If you do need to just hydrate more effectively, here is a good article on hydration to help you meet your needs before, during and after exercise.

I would highly encourage you to have a physical to be on the safe side.