On the Road Again…

Our final day in Aspen and after tidying up Le Mazot, we headed out to the Aspen shopping center for lunch at Poppycock’s where I had a breakfast burrito (they serve breakfast all day…open until 2pm) with fresh fruit and Casey had the Turkado from the lunch menu. This was basically a TurkeyLT add avacado and swiss which Casey thoroughly enjoyed with a side of chili. We then wondered down to the Aspen Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory where I purchased a Macadamia Bear Claw…enough said. The shops in Aspen are high-end sporting a good representation including Burberry, Prada and Ralph Lauren with some specialty and gift shops as well. After wondering about and enjoying yet another windless, sunny mid-day, we headed east on our trek back to Denver for Casey to fly to LA the next morning. On the way, we stopped in Glenwood Springs for a little more shopping and found some fun, eclectic shops including Confetti Design, Personality Clothing, Lavender Rayne and Treadz. A couple of hours shopping and we were back in the car and on the road again back to Denver.
En route, we got hungry again and stopped at Dam Brewery in Dillon, CO. We split a delicious chicken and sausage pasta served with salad and bread. Definitely, a homey, lodge-type atmosphere with a friendly waiter named David. We finally made our way back and called it a night and a successful and fun Girls Getaway with the Getaway Girl and my good friend, Casey Wohl!!

Aspen Day Two

Today we focused our efforts on skiing at Aspen Mountain. After picking up our equipment from the super friendly and over the top helpful crew at Incline Sports, we headed up the mountain in the Gondola. We happened to be riding with a young man who quickly inserted his ipod into the player and serenaded us with music on the way up. He shared that his faves are Katy Perry, Lady GaGa and Black-eyed Peas. A couple of runs in, we needed sustenance and stopped off at Il Miluno slopeside for a small feast of Club Sandwich and Soup Sampler. All were uniquely crafted with the sandwich featuring a twist of fried egg in place of the usual ham and the lentil soup, egg drop soup and tuscan soup all outside the usual ingredients. After lunch, we sat and soaked up the sun as the weather was perfect with very little wind and not a cloud in the sky. Oh and I guess I should mention here, the flourless chocolate cake that I had for dessert that was more like a piece of fudge and just a little less than a slice of heaven! Content and relaxed, we just hung out for a while and then, headed up the mountain for one last run before returning to Le Mazot for some blogging and relaxation in the comfort of our own place. After another nap, we pulled ourselves together and headed out for more shopping and exploration. We ended up at Jimmy’s for dinner and ordered from the bar menu which is more than ample. I chose the Oven Roasted Pork Tenderloin and Casey had the Southwest Ahi Tuna Salad. I substituted Mac & Cheese for the grits that accompany the pork which was an excellent choice as the Mac & Cheese is to die for!! After dinner, we headed back to Le Mazot and had a quiet evening watching movies and packing up for our expedition back to Denver tomorrow.

Aspen Day One

What a great day we had starting with a workout at the Grand Hyatt Aspen where my brother also owns a time share. We then, went to lunch at the Red Onion which was a down-to-earth sports-type bar with tables in the back for a more family type atmosphere. The Red Onion was born at the height of the silver boom in 1892 when Tom Latta built the two-story structure on Cooper Avenue. The saloon’s business came from men interested in sports of the day. Prize fighting, wrestling & cycling. Local legend has it that the upstairs operated as a brothel. At the time it was a standalone building and one of the three places in Aspen to get a meal. Casey had the Mediterranian Steak Salad and I had the Sedona Chicken Sandwich which was spicy and delightful especially with their spicy fries. Next, we shopped around a bit and had ice cream at the Paradise Bakery. We then spectated a few runs of World Cup Skiing which happened to be taking place while we were in town. By that time, we were pretty exhausted from the walking and the altitude so took a brief nap until dinner time. We dined at L’ Hostaria where Casey and I shared some exquisite Bruschetta and Homemade Spinach Pasta with Meat Sauce which was wonderful as well. From there, we caught the Cowboy Mouth concert on the Gondola Plaza and Fireworks afterwards from the top of the Grand Hyatt with our newfound friend, Captain John. We met a lovely couple from Florida who told us stories of their world travels and were so gracious to take us into their suite to watch the fireworks. One thing is for sure, Casey has never met a stranger. After the activities of the night, we were again exhausted and headed back to Le Mazot for bed.

Aspen or Bust!

After several busy months at work, I finally have some time off to start blogging and what do I do but take a trip! The thing that is special about this trip is that I am with Casey Wohl, The Getaway Girl, who writes travel books for women and takes women who are recovering from a catastrophic illness or event in their lives on trips to help them get away from it all and figuratively, “Leave their Baggage at Home”.
So, Casey and I met in Denver, CO and drove 4 hours to my brother’s condo in Aspen, Le Mazot (petit chalet). On the way, we stopped in Vail at la cantina for a small, inexpensive dinner that was just the right thing but definitely more of quaint, quick place than anything fancy. However, the guacamole was tasty and the soft chicken taco was good. On the way, I got to hear Casey’s stories of women and trips that she had taken this year who had survived betrayal, divorce, breast cancer, death of a son and other life changing events and the wonderful places she has taken them such as Canada and France as well as within the United States. We had previously taken a trip to Santa Fe together and I had gotten to see her in action using her social media network to promote and report out on various activities during the experience. Now, it was my turn to take Casey on a trip so she could relax and recharge.
We arrived in Aspen and eventually found Le Mazot, if you are ever interested in staying there just contact me and I can refer you to my brother. It is the cutest, quantist little condo decked out in every nook and cranny with collectibles that make the experience unique and homey. It has one bedroom and a small bath so perfect for a couple, individual or small family to get away. There is also a really nice pull out sofa bed, where I slept, which was comfortable. Jorge’s partner, Rick, has gone to great detail to ensure that the guests have every possible need fulfilled. We were both exhausted after our trek to Le Mazot so, we headed to bed. Today, we will be exploring Aspen Village to see what it has to offer. Will write more and add photos later. Till then!!


Q: I have been working out trying to get 6 pack abs. I am at a healthy weight for my size but I wanted abs. I heard you have to lose weight to get a 6 pack through diet and cardio. I did resistance training as well. I have this last bit of stubborn bodyfat on my lower belly despite the fact my percent body fat has decreased. I do not wish to lose any more weight. Is there any advise you can give me about losing this last bit of unwanted bodyfat? I would like to be at 8% body fat minimum. I am in the 30-40 years age range and a male.

A: Congratulations! Sounds like you are doing a great job with your fitness goals. You are actually classified in the athlete category for percent body fat. Being unsure if your “six pack ab” goal is for vanity or sports performance, I will answer your question in a couple of ways. If you truly want to get in sports performance shape, I can refer you to a registered sports dietiitan who would help you craft a specific meal plan to follow and work with you on an on-going basis. Secondly, it may be heredity and/or age holding you back. Sorry about those two variables.

Yet, most of the time in this scenario, people need to clean up their eating and take out most processed foods and try to focus on single foods like lean protein (chicken, fish, round or loin beef etc..), low-fat milk, cheese and Greek yogurt, nuts, natural peanut butter, beans, avocado, fruits, vegetables and carbs like oats, quinoa, fruit, sweet potatoes and maybe brown rice. So basically, nothing that is packaged with tons of veggies and water. Divide this into 6 small meals of carb and protein…with a good workout. You might also have a trainer evaluate your workout regimen if you have not already done so.

Weight Issues

Q: I have an under active thyroid. I am currently taking medication but this is not helping my weight gain. I have tried exercise and diets. I have been told I need to see a dietitian. I have no idea where to start or what to eat to help me.

A: Yes, it does seem that your best course of action would be to see a dietitian. You can Find a Dietitian in your area on the American Dietetic Association Website.