Give me S’mores!

Still on hiatus from business travel but with my college daughter in town, we decided to get out and about in Fort Worth.

So, we headed out to the newly revamped 7th Street area close to downtown and centered around the historic marquee Montgomery Ward’s building. The massive construction survived flood waters that reached its second floor in 1949 and the 2000 Fort Worth Tornado. In 2001, Montgomery Ward went out of business and closed down the warehouse thus leaving the property vacant. Redevelopment began in 2004 and the name Montgomery Plaza was given to the development. There are now a good variety of restaurants and unique shops in the area which also hails to the TCU crowd, my alma mater.
Megan and I decided to take in a movie at the West 7th Street Movie Tavern. The Movie Tavern is eclectic in decor and uniquely placed on the third floor of the building. It is a movie grill so, you can eat and drink while watching your movie, stop in their on-site sports bar or wait and choose from one of the many options in the area.
We chose Tillman’s Roadhouse. It is not your typical roadhouse but more high-end, creative fare sure to please the most particular of palette. I chose the macaroni and cheese and wedge salad. Both were elegantly done, the mac and cheese featuring bacon and delicately seasoned while the blue cheese dressing on the wedge had a slightly sweet hint and the candied pecans and onions definitely set it apart from the same salad at traditional restaurants. Additionally, I am a bread fanatic and their rolls although simple had good flavor and texture. Megan had the Tillman’s Burger which had cheese, bacon and onions. She thoroughly enjoyed her selection as well. However, the pi’ece de resistance was the S’mores for dessert. They brought out a tray with all homemade graham crackers, flavored marshmellows (mint, blackberry or maple) and chocolate complete with a small chimenea fire where you roasted your own marshmellows to create your treat. These were awesome!!! They are worth the experience alone as our waiter quipped. He was absolutely correct! I guess I should now be the dietitian and say, that moderation, balance and variety are key. It is good to enjoy your food as part of a balanced lifestyle that includes physical activity, as the American Dietetic Association states, “All foods can fit”. So, if you are ever in Fort Worth, Texas the S’mores at Tillman’s Roadhouse are a must!!

Steak times Deux

I really am intending to blog more than once a month…time seems to be a limiting factor always…

Since I have not been traveling as much during the holidays, I decided on a topic that is constantly under scrutiny, Steak. Specifically, at two restaurants that are frequent haunts of mine as one is in Rosemont, IL and the other in Fort Worth, TX. Recently, I was at a training in Rosemont with my colleagues and decided on Harry Caray’s for dinner. What to order? Steak, of course. The thing about steak is that not only is it delicious but it is a great source of iron, a nutrient in which women are more likely to be deficient and zinc as well as B vitamins which help convert food energy into energy to fuel the body. In fact, beef made a recent list of 25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods. Pairing that steak with a small salad and their awesome macaroni and cheese gave me the energy I needed to get through the next day of speaking and learning at our event, not to mention my morning workout.
Being a very active, small framed woman these nutrients are important to me as they should be to everyone as we all have things to accomplish every day. Knowing that there are actually 29 cuts of lean beef helps to make that selection part of a healthy, balanced diet that provides ample nutrients to fuel your day. The key is portion size and choosing additional nutrient-rich foods to accompany your protein selection as depicted in the MyPlate graphic for food guidance.
More recently, I was at home with my daughter home from college and we dined at the other of my fave restaurants for steak, The Keg. Again, I paired the steak with a small salad and yummy twice baked potato. Everyone asks me how to stay fit and healthy and enjoy eating out as much as I do on the road or at home. Whether with a date or daughter, again I say portion size. Try to find someone with whom you can split your entree’ and then eat only until you are full and satisfied. The more we let ourselves enjoy our food, the more likely we are to adhere to balance, variety and moderation.
The next time you are headed out to eat, enjoy your food in moderation rather than obsessing so much about what you are eating or binging because you have deprived yourself of foods you love, be able to enjoy the most important part, the people you are dining with…even if that person is yourself!