Valentine’s is about Giving and Living All Year


Jamar and Board

February was another fast and furious month full of soul filling gifts and surprises!

For those of you who follow my blog, you know that I recently  joined HeartGift! My  most recent blog post discussed the mission of the organization and the newly established HeartGift Fort Worth.

My special Valentine arrived February 2nd. His name is Jamar Dawson. Jamar and his mom, Shanda are from Belize. Jamar has come for his lifesaving heart surgery and done quite well! We are pictured here with the HeartGift Fort Worth Board.

Jeff WitteAdditionally, I was honored to speak on food safety in concert with the New Mexico Secretary of Agriculture at the joint meeting of the Dallas and North Texas Academies of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Fort Worth Dietetic AssociationJeff Witte came from a ranching background and yet, when I took him to my favorite place for steak, The Keg, he commented that it was the best steak he had in a long time. Even though Fort Worth has many other steakhouses in more recent years, something about The Keg just feels very Fort Worth to me.

Steak is not only delicious but it is a great source of iron, a nutrient in which women are more likely to be deficient and zinc as well as B vitamins which help convert food energy into energy to fuel the body. In fact, beef made a recent list of 25 Ridiculously Healthy Foods. Knowing that there are actually 29 cuts of lean beef helps to make that selection part of a healthy, balanced diet that provides ample nutrients to fuel your day.

The key is portion size and choosing additional nutrient-rich foods to accompany your protein selection as depicted in the MyPlate graphic for food guidance. To moderate portion, try to find someone with whom you can split your entree’ and then eat only until you are full and satisfied. The more we let ourselves enjoy our food, the more likely we are to adhere to balance, variety and moderation.

Knowing that many of you went out for Valentine’s to enjoy steak, the key is to enjoy your food in moderation rather than obsessing so much about what you are eating or binging because you have deprived yourself of foods you love. Whether friends, colleagues or family be able to enjoy the most important part, the people with whom you are dining!