Finals, Friends and Fine Food

April was another busy month leading into May wherein I am delinquent on my blogging. The end of my April was consumed with Final Exams and Final Projects to wrap up my first year of classes as a doctoral student at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.

As a result, several of my new friends and I ventured to Ellerbe Fine Foods for an evening of camaraderie over an elegant meal. That outing is detailed on my posting “Fort Worth, Friends and Fine Food”. However, other friendships yielded other opportunities to share and experience outside my norm.Ellerbee's Outing

First, I had the opportunity to host an intern from Guatemala at my hospital-based workplace, HealthSouth Cityview. Her visit with me provided an opportunity for her to learn about Medical Nutrition Therapy for patients recovering from longer-term injuries rather than acute illnesses. At the same time, her presence afforded me the opportunity to learn about another country.

Yet another friendship provided me the opportunity to experience The Chef’s Gallery at the Art Institute in Dallas. This venue provides the opportunity for the culinary students to practice restaurant management, serving and food preparation while completing their studies. My Guatemalan intern, Pilar, and I met there to discuss her project for the hospital internship while we experienced the food and fanfare of the culinary school. We also discussed her upcoming half-marathon and I cheered her on having run my own recently.

The menus created by the instructors focus on seasonal ingredients. Pilar and I spilt the steak that was flavorful and tender and accompanied by tender asparagus and lightly seasoned French fries. The desserts were amazing and included homemade ice cream, mine was rum raisin and Pilar’s pistachio featured here with mini key lime pie both of which quite literally and figuratively melted in your mouth!Key Lime Pie

Take opportunities such as new dining venues to try new foods, doing so only adds to the array of nutrients one can obtain from food as every food has a unique nutrient profile.

Located in the business development zone close to North Park Mall, The Chef’s Gallery at the Art Institute’s International Culinary School is a wonderful food experience highlighting food prepared by future chefs. Check it out for lunch or dinner and support their endeavors!

Although my travels have become more limited of late, cultivating multi-cultural friendships continues to afford me new experiences  in my own little corner of the universe. By stretching boundaries, one only adds to the depth and substance of existence. Understanding and learning about other cultures and foods does not require a trip around the world. So, take the time to get out and challenge yourself to experience something new!