Ode to Rusty

Rusty PillowRusty could light up a room when he entered. In fact, the whole house seemed brighter with him around. Rusty came into our lives 8 years ago and grew up with my girls. He was a part of every holiday, milestone, success and failure lovingly giving plenty of hugs or consoling whichever was needed.

Rusty was Ryan’s cheerleading coach as she held him in various holds to practice and never even flinched. He was Megan’s soul mate lying amongst her various books, movies or studies. Whatever she happened to be doing that day was fine with him.Ryan and Rusty 2

Rusty loved his dad too. When I would take him to his house in the mornings, he would run back to the bathroom to find David and repeat the ritual of heading to the kitchen together to greet his brother dogs.

Rusty was my faithful walking companion. We must have walked hundreds of miles together at duck ponds, parks and around our neighborhood. He loved to go with me on errands and would happily ride “shotgun” as he knew there would be a stop along the way for a walk.

Rusty ShotgunOn September 2, 2013, Rusty was taken from us with the vengeance of a terroristic attack. Someone stole Rusty from David’s backyard as we all slept and the rain poured down. This day will forever be our September 11th.

Similarly to those who lost their loved ones on September 11th and those who lost their limbs at the Boston bombing, I now know the depth of sorrow and pain that can be caused by such an attack. We are no longer safe at work, nor at play and now not even in our own backyards. What is happening to this country that someone could be so callous as to blow a hole in my family’s heart that feels like ground zero?

I have so many regrets about the last few hours with him and songs like “One More Day” by Diamond Rio and “I’ll Never Get Over You” by Miranda Lambert have new meaning. Those of you reading this may think I am overdramatizing the loss of a dog. Rusty was not just a dog, he was a member of our family.

A good friend of mine tweeted this scripture today, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.” – Proverbs 3:5Rusty

That is what I’ll have to do because I will never understand. And God, I know you are with me while I write this…please watch over Rusty and thank you for the time we had with that magical little guy. Maybe, there was another family that needed some of his magic.