Be a Food Safety “Top Gun”

As we head into the summer months, food safety becomes even more important. This short video:

Be a Food Safety "Top Gun"
Be a Food Safety “Top Gun”

provides tips and tools for preparing safe food for your friends and family.

Key points in your “Top Gun” flight plan include:

Avoid the Danger Zone – Keep food out of the range (either above or below) between 40 degrees and 140 degrees Farenheit.

Feel the Need for Speed – Store food  within 1-2 hours in shallow dishes for rapid cooling to below 40 degrees.

Turn and Burn – Roast meats to above 325 degrees;  Rotate and reheat to above 165 degrees; Hold at or above 140 degrees.

Knowing you have completed these tasks, you can relax and enjoy a delicious, safe meal with your family!


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To find a Registered Dietitian: Texas Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics